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Shiv gets a letter from Ganga who was asking help from her well wisher. She wrote that she needs help from him as her husband is leaving her. Pratab came from behind Shiv and remembers he had written the letter from Ganga’s side. Pratab says Jhumki told him Ganga writes letters to someone, its better he got to know about the truth already. Shiv stops Pratab from blaming Ganga and says Ganga is not aware who the well wisher is. Shiv says Ganga is a dweller of city, she doesn’t care if the well wisher is a boy or a girl. She might be asking for any job. 

Pratab tells Shiv to do what he asks in order to test Ganga, Shiv wasn’t ready to mistrust Ganga once again. Pratab was determined to prove Ganga wrong in Shiv’s eyes.
Savitri comes to Ganga’s room and asks if she hasn’t
yet packed her bags. She says Shiv is going to announce his decision today, then with which right Ganga would stay here. She tells Ganga to start a new relation with Shiv tonight, or leave this house right away. Riya comes in asking what this all is. Savitri asks Riya to help her pack her bag. 

Riya thinks this will help her know what’s in Ganga’s heart. She stuffs her clothes, and keeps the bangles aside saying Ganga doesn’t need this. She was keeping the mangal sooter as well but Ganga snatches it. Riya tells Ganga whatever she has is connected to this house, all her memories also belong here. She must once think what she would miss the most, she will realize what she would miss the most.

Shiv sat in the Math floor thinking about Ganga’s demand from her well wisher in the letter. Aasha comes to the temple there then was moved to see Shiv sitting upset with the letter. She comes to sit beside him and says she came to pray for Savitri so that she loses her demand. She tells Shiv that he must be happy today. Aasha says Shiv was happy with Parvati but before her death they had a fight. Shiv didn’t want to speak about it. Aasha asks what was Parvati’s mistake that infuriated him to such an extent. Shiv recalls Parvati had shaken hands with a stranger in the ruin house. Shiv says he thought he was being betrayed, he questioned Parvati about it but she denied going there. Shiv says he wondered why Parvati was lying to him, he considered there must have been a huge reason behind it. Aasha asks what Shiv did later. Shiv says he was angry and didn’t speak to her, but couldn’t stay angry with her for long. Aasha asks if he has forgotten that mistake? Shiv says he can never forget about it, it always pricked his heart. Aasha says Shiv loved his wife but he couldnt forget the mistake. Shiv thinks about Pratab’s suggestion to testify Ganga.

Ganga was thinking about Riya’s words in the room. She had visions with Sagar, and also with Shiv. Ganga thinks she never realized when the memories from Shiv’s life took over the position in her life.
Pratab comes to Shiv and asks him to make his satisfaction from Ganga’s side. Shiv insists that he is the well wisher. Pratab says Ganga is unaware who the well wisher is, it seems Ganga is cheating on Shiv. Pratab brings a paper for Shiv to write a letter to Ganga. He makes Shiv write to Ganga to come and meet him near the forest, he has started to like Ganga. If she wants to live with him; he would be waiting for her to meet him in the evening. 

Shiv disliked this, Pratab tries to convince its for his satisfaction only.
Ganga takes her white saree and hugs the colored clothes. She cries remembering Shiv had denied taking the last round of wedding with her. She wears her mangal sooter and thinks Shiv has never denied her anything. She still has faith that Shiv won’t deny this to her today. She would wear the same dress and take the last wedding round with Shiv. She was dialing a number but it didn’t respond. Riya comes to the room and asks whom is she calling. Ganga replies ‘her destiny’.

PRECAP: Shiv frees Ganga from any ties with her. He agrees to marry anyone Savitri asks him to. 

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Riya watches Aasha wearing Ganga’s jewelry. She was happy thinking Aasha must have to remove this jewelry. Savitri asks about Shiv, Riya says he would be home till evening.
Riya was trying to call Shiv. Jhumki comes to her with a letter. Ganga reads the letter and thinks about meeting this man. She wonders what if Shiv returns home before and decides to meet the well-wisher as he thanked her before. She reads the place of their meeting mentioned in the letter. Jhumki comes to Ganga’s room behind her. She recalls Pratab told her to burn the letter after Ganga has read it, Shiv must never find out the letter wasn’t the one he wrote.

Shiv and Pratab were waiting near the forest. Shiv tells Pratab that Ganga would never take any wrong step. She will never decide to run with a stranger. Pratab
insists on him to wait for a while. Ganga appears from the front. Shiv was shocked to see her. Both go to hiding behind the ruins, Ganga wait for her well-wisher there, she then decides to return home as it’s time for Shiv’s return. She writes a letter there, she wanted to meet him as he has helped her a lot but now she can wait no more, she must go to meet her husband who loves her a lot. She tucks the letter on a tree and leaves the forest, running towards home with a smile.

Ganga comes home. Shiv comes there and says he wants to speak to Ganga first. He wanted to give these property papers to Ganga at another occasion, but it’s alright. He hands her the school property papers and allowher to start a new life. He frees her from any bond with him. Savitri was relieved. Jhumki and Pratab smirk while Riya and Kushal were upset. Shiv tells Savitri this is his decision, he is ready to marry any girl of her choice and this time it will be a true marriage. Shiv says he has taken this decision thoughtfully. Ganga never accepted this relation, it’s his mistake to force her stay with him. Savitri asks Shiv if he is ready to marry Aasha. Riya tells Ganga there must be a misunderstanding. 

Savitri asks Riya if she is worried about Radhika. Radhika will be most loved her real aunt, Aasha. Shiv asks Aasha if she is ready to marry him. Tears fell off Ganga’s eyes. Ganga fell down. Riya tells Aasha to say a no for this relation. Aasha says if Shiv is ready to marry anyone else leaving Ganga, Radhika will lose her mother. She can do anything for Radhika. Shiv thanks Aasha and walks away.
In the Math, Shiv recalls watching Ganga come to wait for her well-wisher. Kushal comes to him and questions why he is doing so. How did he agree to marry Aasha leaving Ganga? Shiv shouts at Kushal to leave him alone, he has a full right to take decisions of his life. Savitri comes there and thanks him for giving her desire to her. She makes him break her fast, and hurries him to marry. Shiv allows her for the decision. He says he wants this as soon as possible. Shiv was apologetic to Kushal saying Ganga will be happy living away from him. He realizes until he marries, Ganga would never be freed from her responsibilities.

There, Ganga was still crying in the hall. Radhika cries watching her upset. Aasha comes to Radhika and takes her inside. The lights go off at once. Shiv’s words echo in Ganga’s mind. She comes to Shiv’s room and asks if he has again taken the decision of her life without knowing her will. She never gave him the right to make her a part of his life at his will, and then throw her out as well. If this was his will, why he always put his life at stake only for her. Shiv tells Ganga not to worry, he will arrange if she wish to live with a stranger in another city.

In the room, Aasha brings out a bottle of poison from her bag.
The next morning, Ganga comes out of her room and watches the drum beating and henna ceremony of Aasha. Riya comes to tell Savitri that Shiv isn’t ready to come for the ritual. Aasha says Shiv hasn’t eaten anything since morning, she goes to bring him turmeric milk. Shiv confronts Ganga in the yard. Aasha brings the milk for him. Kushal then brings a letter for Ganga, she turns to hit Shiv and the milk fell off. Savitri scolds Ganga. Riya tells Ganga to tell Shiv how much she loves him. Ganga says Shiv didn’t leave her any right to say this.

PRECAP: In the bridal attire, Aasha speaks to Parvati’s photo that she came here to revenge Shiv of her death. They meet near the forest, Aasha says its good Shiv denied to marry her because she returned for revenge of her sister’s death. It was Shiv who killed Parvati and points a gun towards Shiv.

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