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Jolly in Rajbeer’s body mixes poison in Amal’s juice. Amal drinks it and falls unconsious down spitting froth from his mouth. Whole family gets concerned. Daadi asks Rajbeer to bring gangajal. Jolly laughs and says his 3rd enemy is also dead. He gets out of Rajbeer’s body. Amal is taken ito ambulance. Pari gets in disguised as doctor and once ambulance starts moving, Amal gets up and wipes froth from his mouth. Doctor asks Pari if they still believe in superstition. Pari says she will prove that evil spirit is there. She reminisces exchanging juice glass and Joly getting out of Rajbeer’s body. Jolly comes there and throws ambulance from cliff. Ambulance catches fire falling from cliff, but Pari saves Amal and doctor on time. Amal thanks Pari for saving her.
Pari asks him to hide in a temple cottage and says she is worried about Vikas and Sayoni. Amal says he is also worried about Vikas, but Jolly loves Sayoni more than himself and will not harm her.

Jolly in Rajbeer’s body sees Sayoni and Vikranth kissing and angrily holds Vikranth’s collar, shouts he warned him not to get intimate with his sister before marriage. Vikranth says he is his brother and not Sayoni’s. Jolly warns him dare not to get closer to Shona again. Sayoni asks what did he tell her. He says she is so sweet that he called her Shona. She says he is her jeth, but it is weird to call him jethji, what can she call him. He asks her to call him bhai jaan, it is very dear word. Sayoni reminisces Jolly asking her to call bhai jaan.

At haveli, Vikranth shouts that since this alliance, he lost 3 of his partners, he will not stay here for a second and will break this alliance. Pari reaches back home. Jolly in Rajbeer’s body shouts he cannot do that and holds Vikranth collar. Vikranth shouts after he will not stop here for a second. Vikranth and Sayoni enter. Vikas tells Sayoni this alliance is broken now and insists to come with him. She tries to speak, but he drags her to outhouse and asks her to change soon. Saloni goes to a room to change. Pari comes and he shouts why did she come here. Pari says she wants to talk about his partners. Just then Ritu comes and shouts at Pari not to interfere in their family issues. Vikas says let Pari speak. Ritu continues shouting. Vikas shouts to go out and fight. He knocks Sayoni’s door, but does not get any response, so breaks door. They all enter in and Pari sees letter. She reads it and gives it to Vikas. Vikas reads that Saloni has eloped. He angrily shouts Vikranth kidnapped Sayoni. Bharath warns him to mind his tongue. Vikaranth angrily leaves warning Vikranth will fel dire consequences now.

Vikranth travels in car and warns inspector to find Saloni, else he will face dire consequences. Saloni calls him and says she loves Vikranth, so she is marrying him in a temple. At temple, Sayoni is seen with Rajbeer/Jolly. Jolly reminises entering Sayoni’s room and informing hher about his truth and suggesting her to write a letter and come with him. Sayoni asks Jolly if she is doing right. He says yes and says he will get her married to Vikranth and Vikas cannot do anything. She requests him spare Vikas and gives her aoth. He takes oath but thinks he will not do anything Vikas and just take his life. Vikranth wakes up and Jolly asks if he is fine. Vikranth says yes, but he does not know how he came here. Vikas reaches there andsshouts at Rajbeer how dare he is to kidnap his sister. Jolly speaks and shouts he betrayed him, opening company was his idea, but listening to Kunal, he got him arrested twice, now he will not spare him. Vikas says Jolly. Jolly says yes it is him and now he will be punished. Vikas throws mud in Rajbeer/Jolly’s eyes and runs. Jolly follows him and kicks him down. Vikas silently draws a circle of holy ash around. When Jolly come to attack him, he runs out of circle. Jolly cannot get out of holy ash. Pari comes and says when there is evil, there is god. Whole family gathers. Pari and Jolly’s arguments start. Jolly gets out of Rajbeer’s body and warns Pari he will kill Rajbeer. Pari enters circle and their fight starts. Hanuman temple and holy chants are heard. Pari overpowers Jolly. Sayoni steps on holy ash. Jolly gets out and holds her neck. Whole family gets into circle. Rajbeer warns he will kill her if he does not get Rajbeer’s body. Rajbeer gets out of circle. Jolly gets into his body and runs.

Pari follows Rajbeer. Rajbeer sees Ritu and Kabeer’s car and acts that Pari is behind him. He gets on driver’s seat and drives car rashly. Pari follows in another car. Rajbeer rams car to a tree. Ritu and Kabeeer get out of car and escape. Pari and whole family then reaches spot. They see petrol leak. Pari gets him out of car on time before car blasts. They all reach home. Pari dorns hanumanji’s taweez in Rajbeer’s neck and asks him not to remove it. Bharath apologizes Pari for mistaking her. Ritu and Kabeer enter. Ritu runs and hugs Rajbeer and acts as worried for him. Kabeer starts bathmouthing about Pari that she is the main problem for Rajbeer and is characterless, he should kick her out of housse. Shreya slaps Kabeer and yells he and Ritu’s true colors are out and they should get out of house. Ritu tries to speak. Rajber warns her to get out, else he will slap her. Kabeer takes Ritu from there.

Amal brings holy color from temple and asks Pari to smear it on doors, Jolly will not be able to enter house again. Rajbeer and Pari smear color on doors. Jolly emerges there and shouts he will not spare her and her family if she does not agree to his terms. She shouts until god is there. Their argument continues and Jolly leaves. Pari goes to her room. Rajbeer reminisces his and Pari’s romantic moments and then misbehaving with Pari. He kneeling down apologizes her that she always protected him and his family. Pari forgives him. Jolly watches via window and fumes.

Precap: Rajbeer tells Pari that they both will face probelms together. Saudamini strangulates Pari’s neck and shouts she warned her not to mess with her. Rajbeer stabs her with holy knife and she shouts. Pari drags her pulling her hair.

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