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Rajbeer apologizes Pari for disbelieving her. She say she did this for her family. They both and Vikas go to Heera and inform her about Jolly. Heera says Jolly is getting powers from someone. Pari says Saudamini and reminisces the incident where he tells he has obsorbed Saudamini’s powers and is more powerful now. Heera says that means Saudamini does not have any powers and will destroy gangajal and holy ash, but how will they find her. Pari says she knows where Saudamini’s cave is. Heera gives her holy knife and asks her to engrave it in Jolly’s body to destroy him. Rajbeer says Pari they both will face evils together.

They all 3 reach Saudamini’s cave. Pari calls her. She from a bottle says she is in bottle and asks her to free her. Vikas says no,
they cannot trust evil. Saudamini says she will help her destroy Jolly and promises that she will not do anything to herr and their enemy is same. Rajbeer asks Pari to open bottle lid. Pari opens bottle lid. Saudmini comes out and strangulates Pari’s neck and shouts she warned her that she will kill her. Because of her, she lost her daughter and her son and Jolly betrayed her. She lifts Pari holding her neck and throws Vikas and Rajbeer on floor. Rajbeer stabs her with holy knife and she falls down shouting in pain. Vikas takes knife and stabs her repeatedly,, but nothing happens to her . He asks what now. Pari says until god is there, evil cannot survive. She drags Saudamini to hanuman temple pulling her hair and destroys her with holy water. Jolly comes outside temple and laughs that Saudamini would have helped her destroy him, but she is a fool. Pari laughs and says it was her plan and Vikas and Rajbeer surround Jolly with a fire circle. Pari says he will never be able to get out of here. Something happens and Jolly escapes from there. They all 3 go back to Heera and return holy knife. Heera says if they would have engraved this in Jolly’s body after destroying Saudamini, he would have been destroyed. Now, they have to find Jolly’s dead body and get him mukti.

Pari and Rajbeer travel in a car thiinking how to find where Jolly’s body is. Pari says only Jolly’s mom knows where she buried his body. She reminisces Jolly taking her to his village and everything written in reverse. She writes village name and reads it in mirror. They reach village and walk toward Jolly’s house. Jolly reaches beffore them and stabs his mother. Rajbeer and Pari reach house and hear mom’s shout. Rajbeer breaks door and his Jolly’s mother dead on flor. They then reach home and inform family that Jolly killed his mother. Vikas says they should check in jail. Pari and Rajbeer go to jail and tell Shakti that they will take back their case and get him out of jail if he tells where Jolly’s dead body is. He says why should he. Pari says for his daughter, she knows he loves her a lot. He agrees.

Tipsy sees a toy outside her room window and walks out of house. Family tries to stop her from crossing holy color border, but she crosses and goes to pick toy. Toy turns into Jolly and he takes Tipsy from there. Pari and Rajbeer get Shakti out of jail and asks where is Jolly’s body buried. He asks why should he. Pari says because he does not want to fall in his daughter’s eyes. He says in Karjath’s…. Just then they see Tipsy in air pleading to save her. Jolly holds her in air and warns Pari to agree to his terms, else she will lose Tipsy. She says never. He disappears with Tipsy. They then reach home. Family says Jolly took Tipsy. Rajbeer asks Shakti to tell where Jolly’s body is. He says he does not know. Rajbeer asks then why did he lie. Shakti says he wante dot get out of jail and says he heard Saudamini and Jolly discussing they are burying Jolly’s body in Karjath. Rajbeer fumes that they could not save a small girl.

Rajbeer and Pari go out of house and call Jolly. Jolly comes and says he will return Tipsy only if Pari agrees to his demand. She says never in thi slife or any life. He says then he will kill her each family member and says them they have time till evening, else be prepared to see family being killed. Pari goes to home temple and cries. She prays god to protect her family, till when her family will suffer. Rajbeer comes and consoles her that they both will tackle Jolly together. They go out and tell Jolly that they are ready to come with him. He after lengthy dialogues asks them to follow him. They both follow him in their car. Heera comes as eunuch beggar and begs. Rajbeer gives money and signals her to go and hide in car dickie. She goes and hides in car dickie. They then follow Jolly. Jolly take them to a jungle and asks Pari to come with him. Pari asks to show Tipsy first. Argument ensues. Rajbeeer asks to show Tipsy first. Jolly calls Tipsy and holds her. Heera gets out of car dickie. Jolly shouts betrayal, pushes Tipy and runs. Heera runs behind him. Rajbeer jumps and saves Tipsy from falling. Pari sees his holy taweez on floor and tells him to pick it. She picks it and is about to throw towards him when Jolly enters Rajbeer’s body and says she betrayed her and brought eunuch here, now she will see her husband dying. He falls from cliff. They run down cliff and find Rajbeer on floor. Pari shakes Rajbeer and asks if he is fine. Jolly speaks and says he is fine and says she will never be able to get him out of Rajbeer’s body. Heera says they have to find Jolly’s body and destroy it in front of Rajbeer. Jolly says they have to destroy him along wiht Rajbeer’s body. Rajbeer falls unconscious. They rush Rajbeer to hospital.

Precap: Rajbeer is taken to hospital. Jolly in his body creates havoc. Doc says if he creates problem like this, he will not be saved. Family is seen sitting around Rajbeer’s dead body.

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