Kumkum Bhagya Thursday 19th May, 2016 On Adom Tv

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya fight in a boutique over a petty issue. Abhi calls her fuggi and she angrily starts fighting. Bulbul and Purab get worried for them and plan to unite them. Producer meet them there. They both start fighting in front of him again asking him to help them first. Purab and Bulbul interfere and stop their fight. Purab gives Abhi girl’s clothes to try without looking at it. Tanu who is spying on them think she will not let them unite again.

Pragya goes to a changing room and changes her dress. Abhi also comes there. Bulbul sends Abhi to same changing room. She thinks Bulbul has come in and asks to close her zip, but it is Abhi who has come in mistake. She is shocked to see him and asks him to go out. He says she has go out and they both start fighting. Abhi asks her to go out. She says her zip is open, so she cannot. He asks her to take Bulbul’s oath. Pragya takes oath and says her zip is open. He tries to get out of trial room, but sees people standing out and scolding for getting late. He gets back in.


Suresh wakes up in the morning and tells Rachna because of him, Pragya’s family is insulted. Rachna says he does not have to be ashamed as he spoke out his heart. He says it was not the right place. She asks him to stop blaming himself and also not go back and try to confront.

Tanu asks boutique manager to show her trial room CCTV footage. Producer hears that and asks if she is not ashamed to see someone changing dress. She says it is none of his business. He yells at her and walks out.

Pragya hides her back standing near the wall. Abhi asks her to come and sit as her back is seen via a mirror. She sits. He says Bulbul sent her here and says it was her plan. Pragya asks her not to yell at her sister. People who were waiting to change dress knock door and ask to come out. Tanu suggests to call security and break door. Pragya gets tensed hearing that and asks Abhi to close her zip closing his eyes. He does same hesitantly.

People shout to open door. Security comes and they ask to break door. Purab and Bulbul interfere and ask them to wait. Security tries to break door, but Abhi opens door before that and comes out with Pragya. People recognize Abhi and asks if he not ashamed to be with a woman inside and asks badmouths about Pragya. Abhi says Pragya is his wife and they should be ashamed to badmouth about his wife. Purab and Bulbul smile hearing Abhi taking Pragya’s side while Tanu is not pleased.


Abhi scolding crowd for badmouthing about him and Pragya. He says Pragya is his legally wedded wife and french kisses her in front of them. Tanu gets irked seeing that. Crowd leaves. Bulbul tells Pragya all left, but she’s still hugging Abhi. Abhi then calls Pragya as Fuggi (balloon) and leaves. Pragya gets shy and goes in changing room. Bulbul and Purab get happy.

Abhi’s daadi reaches Sarla’s home. Pragya’s daadi asks why did she take so much stress. Abhi’s daadi says she was getting bored at home, so she came there. She says she came to invite them for Bulbul and Purab’s roka. They happily agree.

Abhi comes home and sees Daasi busy decorating house for Bulbul’s roka. He says he does not want roka at his home now. Daasi asks why. He says he has booked a hotel and has planned a pool side party for roka. Pragya says she is afraid of water and even Bulbul does not know swimming. Abhi says hotel owner is his fan and he wants him to do roka there for his hotel’s promotion. He taunts that hotel owner knows his wife is cunning. Pragya says she is not.

Tanu comes to Aaliya’s room and says when she is arranging Bulbul and Purab’s marriage, why can’t she arrange her marriage with Abhi. Aaliya says she has to forget Abhi and move on in life. Tanu says she will not and will tell whole world what she means to Abhi and how Pragya came in between them.


Pragya sees Abhi holding his head due to headache and asks if he had tablet. He says he does not want to have tablet. She says she will do something else and oil massages his head. He asks where did she learn head massage. She says Sarla taught her. He says even Daadi does perfect massage. Once massage is done, he sees his spoilt hair and scolds her that his fans meet him in sleep and they will get mad if he sees him like that. He spoils her hair. She looks in mirror and gets mad. He also joins her and says they are even now.

Sarla walks home with Daadi and Purbi after shopping. She says Purbi that she left 1 shopping bag. Purbi shows she has kept one bag in another. Daadi jokes that Sarla has gone old. Sarla gets annoyed and says she is old now. Suresh’s helmet falls in front of them and they get annoyed seeing Suresh.


Abhi and whole family come to the hotel for Bulbul’s poolside Roka. Pragya goes near swimming pool and gets afraid seeing water. She hugs Abhi and asks him to save her. He asks if she is afraid of water, then why did she dive into river the other day. She says she fell mistake. He says he will get her fear of water out, sleeps in floor and asks also her to sleep next to him and touch water, refers her as captain Fuggi repeatedly. She touches it and says water is shallow. He shows her 8 feet sign. She gets afraid and says she will play from here itself. He gets up and starts splashing water on her. She runs from there. He smiles

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