Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday 31st May, 2016 On Adom TV

Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday 31st May, 2016 On Adom TV Written Update

The episode starts with inebriated Pragya telling inebriated Abhi that she cannot live without him, wants to spend her whole life with her and she loves her a lot. She then gets excited thinking she proposed him and spoke out her heart. Bulbul and Purab peep in from window and listen to their conversation. Sarla catches them and says she knows their plan and they purposefully forced Pragya to drink cough syrup and asks them to leave. Once the leave, she starts listening to their talk. Bulbul takes her from there.

Abhi says Pragya even he loves Fuggy and asks Fuggy to hug him. She is near window. He comes near her. She bends down and falls asleep sitting and he falls down from window and sleeps in that position. Bulbul and Purab see that and get sad. Purab says they should not have make them drink too much alcohol. Bulbul says she wants Abhi and Pragya to unite first and then marry him. He says he is happy that she cares about her sister so much, he is sure she loves him more than that.

Purvi comes and asks Bulbul to wake up as sun has risen from purab/east and her Purab is waiting for breakfast. Bulbul wakes up and asks her to stop taunting her, says she wants to get engaged soon. Purvi says for that she has to get up from bed. Bulbul hurries to bathroom. Sarla comes there and Bulbul says she wants to meet Pragya before engagement. Sarla says her engagement is in Pragya’s house and she can meet her then. Bulbul says she wants Pragya to tell Abhi something before that and cannot wait till engagement and rushes to bathroom. Sarla gets confused and asks Purvi to call Pragya and asks what is the issue.

Purvi calls Pragya and says Bulbul made Sarla confused and Sarla wants to know what she wants to tell Abhi. Pragya gets nervous and says Bulbul is joking and she will confront here once she comes. She gets nervous how to propose Abhi and starts shaking her hands. Abhi comes there and asks what is she doing. She says she is searching coin to apply sindhoor on her forehead. He shows he coins under pillow. She asks him to apply and he does. She thinks she should ask him if he will apply sindhoor daily and if she can wear mangalsutra of his name for life. He asks if she wants him also to apply sindhoor. She says she wants to tell something. He asks to say. She says she… He gets a call and leaves, leaving her nervous.

Tanu reminisces Abhi praising Pragya and scolding her and thinks she should not have irked Abhi, what if he really chooses Pragya over her, thinks of calling her and apologize. She calls him and starts crying. He asks if she is crying. She asks him to forgive her and says he always cared for her, but she mistreated him. He asks her to stop crying. She says her parents got upset after yesterday and asks him to proimise not to give her place to anyone. he says he will not. She asks him to tell he forgave and loves her. He says same. She says she will speak to her parents and will fix another meeting. He says okay. She cuts call and smirks that Abhi is under her trap again and thinks she has to do something now that he should think only about her, and for that, she should take her parent’s help. Abhi gets call again, thinks it is Tanu and calls her sweet heart, but it is her mom on the other side who says she wants to meet his family and finalize his and Tanu’s marriage after divorcing Pragya. Abhbi agrees, but gets tensed thinking Daadi will understand everything now. He thinks he should take Fuggi’s help. Daasi comes and says decorators have come. He thinks Tanu’s parents must have come with marriage proposal and decorators. Daasi asks if he has forgotten that it is Bulbul’s engagement today.

Bulbul emotionally blackmails Pragya to propose Abhi, else she will not get engaged. Pragya says she will evening. Abhi calls her from car and says he wants to speak to her important and asks to meet her at a hotel. She says even she wants to talk to him and will come there. She informs Bulbul about it. Bulbul says she can propose him there.

The episode starts with Bulbul getting ready for her mehandi. Daadi asks Pragya to get ready to apply mehandi. Bulbul says daadi it is her engagement, but she is asking her bahu to get mehandi first. Daadi says she knows it is her day, but her sister should get ready first to get her ready. They all continue to share a lighter moment and laugh.

Purab calls Bulbul and tells he knows she must be applying mehandi and writing his name from it. Bulbul asks if he is watching her. He says he is just a thought away from her and if she closes her eyes and imagines, he will be in front of her. They both continue their romantic talk. Aaliya hears Bulbul talking to Purab and gets jealous. She walks into her room and starts yelling in front of Tanu that she cannot see Purab praising Bulbul instead of her. Tanu says if they ruin Bulbul’s face, Purab will be forced to hate her and suggests they should throw acid on Bulbul’s face and make it ugly. Aaliya asks who will do that. Mitali says she knows someone who will do it.

While on the way to home, at a traffic signals, kids request him to buy flowers. Abhi buys them. Pragya on the other side buys balloons from other kids.

Sarla and Daadi discuss that they are lucky to have Abhi as their damad who is taking care of Bulbul’s marriage as a brother. Purbi shows her dress and says he even gifted them all dresses for engagement function. Daadi asks servant to bring cough syrup. The all start laughing.

Mitali speaks to her goon and sets a deal to throw acid on Bulbul’s face for 30000 rs. She comes down with Aaliya and Tanu and Bulbul to get matching dupatta for her engagement dress from a shop. Daadi says she does not want her go out on her engagement day, but agrees on Bulbul’s insistence. Mitali takes Bulbul’s pic and sends it to her goon saying she is sending it to the shop owner.

Abhi waits for Aaliya at a restaurant and hopes she agrees to help him convince daadi to meet Tanu’s parents. Pragya comes with balloons and gifts them to him. He asks why did she bring her. She says he calls her fuggi, so she brought fuggas for him. He gets irked, but then calms down and gifts her yellow flowers and says he brought jaundice flowers for her. She happily asks if it is for her. He jokes and then says yes, asks for how much did she buy them. She asks to tell first. They both get nervous thinking how to tell what is in their mind. The continue arguing to tell first. An old couple hear their argument and ask if they are husband wife. Abhi and Pragya say yes. They ask them to propose each other and asks Abhi to propose first. Abhi says I love you nervously. Couple then ask Pragya to say I love you.

Aaliya and her puppets discuss that they should make sure Bulbul is not escaped this time and their goon throws acid on her face. They say they themselves will go out and personally check.

Old couples kiss each other and ask Abhi to kiss Pragya now. They both embarrassed and joke with the couple that somebody is stealing their purse to divert their attention. Once old couple rush to check their push, they both run from there and get into their car. They both start laughing and then get conscious.

Aaliya and her puppets wait for their goon in a car and Aaliya asks Mitali if her goon will come or not. Mitali says he will come for sure and sees a man with face hidden with veil who signals her. Mitali says he will do his work for sure. Aaliya gets happy thinking Bulbul will come to get her dupatta and after acid attack, it will help her hide her ugly face. Bulbul comes out of shop after getting dupatta. Goon walks towards her with acid bottle. Corporator passes in his car and sees goon walking towards her with acid and dashes goon with his car. Goons fall on the road. He comes out of car and asks Bulbul if she is fine. Bulbul gets angry seeing him and asks him to keep away from her. He says goon was trying to harm her. She says he will harm her instead and walks out from there. Corporator then catches goon and asks who sent him. He shows Aaliya’s car. Corporator rushes towards them, but the elope. Coporator then follows them in his car. Abhi and Pragya’s car stop in a signal between corporator and Aaliya’s car. Mitali gets tensed seeing Abhi and tries to hide, but Aaliya scolds and sends her back. Corporator sees Abhi and waves him. Abhi gets irked seeing him and starts his car. Mitali informs Aaliya that Abhi was in his car and they got saved him. Aaliya gets tensed hearing his name.

Precap: Aaliya sees someone in front of her car and gets tensed.

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