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Part 1

Sikky describes how he changed tyres all himself and RK says.. gud.. have dinner.. happily! RK says.. guesstyre has less air.. just check and refix and Sikky agrees. when RK flashes money.!

Pabho asks Madhu if she hasnt kept ekadashi vrat? Radha says not needed she is sick..! Pabho says.. no.. she has to..! KRK self thot..khalnayika.. playing games! KRK stops Dips from eating too ..n Sikky agrees..! Dips fakes illness but Madhu says..will keep fast and Dips cribs!

RK requests constable to help him post the letter to Madhu! Madhu prays to Bappa to help her.. get over her suspicions about RK! She prays for RKs well being!

RK tells constable he is sure letter will reach Madhu she believes in Bappa and he will help out..! RK too praysto Bappa for help..!

Delivery boy gets food for Dips . n Sikky pays. ..! RKs letter for Madhu is delivered at the mansion .. Sikky takes and gives to Madhu n the delivery too! Pabho taunts Madhu for breaking the fast and Dips blames Madhu too! KRK makes.. Dips drink karela juice …Sikky for money! All smile ..! Sikky forces Madhu to make Dips drink n in it..RKs letter is ruined.. n Sikky keeps it on a side table!

KRK is shooting …n messes up the shoot..! Bhujang calls n asks him to come meet him rightaway so as to bring Kuku back to mansion! KRK tells to cancel shoot to Bittu . .but he requests to reconsider..! KRK tells Bhujang he will come later n cuts call . n Kuku says.. will teach him a lesson if need be!

Sikky asks Madhu to read fan letter n gives her.. right then KRK enters with Kuku ..!

Part 2

Kuku requests .. Radha to forgive him … n says.. KRK forgave me. so u too ..! Radha is taken aback.. ! KRK says .. on the condition that u stay out of my way n i out of urs..! Kuku agrees!

Part 3

Sikky drags Kuku inside..! Madhu tells KRK to come with her.. n says. u made kada for me.. for dips. .then brought Kuku back ..n din leave shoot..!

KRK asks why keeping fast? Madhu says.. like the kada.. not sure of the outcome but still believe in it..!

KRK spots RKs letter and is stunned..!

Precap — Madhu comes and finds KRK reading the letter .. n takes from his hand..!

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