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The episode begins with Ritika threatening the killer that she will harm his son She black mails him into doing just as she asked him to , she would fo n meet his son today

At PS ishaani is shocked to think her bro devarsh could hate her so much that he hired a contract killer to kip her
Shikhar assures her that there was some mistake, contract killers were very clever. The could take any ones name to hide the names of the person who hired him
They plan to talk to that killer

As ritika is leaving the prison. Ishkar enter the same prison from the other end
Ri notices them approaching towards her, she is covered her face with Veil of burqua
Ishaani notices the police inspector leaving , ishaani is disappointed
Ri removes her veil after getting out of the prison and drives off with a wicked smile on her face

Ishkar try to request the police officer to let them talk to the killer but he refuses, shikhar pleads him using various excuses , but he still refuses

At home Ri looks at the photo of her lover chirag She regrets she was already in relationship with sharman when she met him

Flash back begins

Ri is at a party with friends at a discotheque , where chirag is eying her. He adds sedatives to her drinks and she feels giddy while dancing ,
It was too late the time she came to k ow chirag liked her. She was about to marry sharman , but chirag took advantage of her condition and got intimate with her in hotel room But slowly she gradually fell for chirag, , she got attracted to him slowly as there was a wicked charm in chirag while Sharman was too goody goody
Soon she relises Ri was pregnant with chirag’s baby
Ri was trying to paas on the baas Sharman’s but sharma broka off with her and called off their marriage
She jad no option but to go back to chirag and marry him
She takes a pandit ji and drives to the wilderness on the highway and orders him to get her married to her groom , she bribes him with money
When she goes to get chirag , he was bashed ip RV and was injured ,
Ri asks him to forget about RV , they would deal with him later , but right now he needed to marry her. She loved him. She had left Sharman

Chirag asks her to go back to Sharman, he refuses to marry her as they were only fun friends, intimate friends, he fefuses to marry her
Ri pleads chirag to marry her as she loved chirag. She was carrying his child. She wanted chirag to give this child his name. They would live happily
Chirag retorts he was just having fun with her, he refuses to marry her
Ri is shocked at his refusal

Ritika offers him wealth, property. She would make him richer than RV ,Ri pleads him to marry her but chirag was not interested in wealth, he wanted revenge, he wanted to take away Rv’s love ishaani from him, he wanted RV at his feet taking ishaani RV would do anything just to get ishaani back, that would be his revenge
Ri laughs wickedly , and angrily pushes him off the cliff Chirag falls to his death ,

Flash back ends
Ri throws the foto of chirag and walks pver it , promises her bathat she would found a new papa for him , devarsh , but he too left them and ran away
She tells the bathat god had sent her their saviour (Massiah ) in form of RV , caresses her tummy

In presence of meheras, parikh families RV confronts devarsh for trying to kill ishaani
Devarsh is shocked. So are parikhs and meheras
Ishaani enters and calls RV

Image result for meri aashiqui tumse hi episode 266
The episode starts with ishaani and shikhar questioning the killer in jail , but he refuses to divulge any info. The contract killer says he had not seen the face of the person who hired him , But it was the same person who had ordered to kill her mother falguni , pushing Falguni off the terrace, for the money he was promised .

Ishaani is distraught to know he killed her mother , They ask some description of the person who hired him , He describes Devarsh.
Ishaani guesses the description fits devarsh exactly and is shocked and distraught , That he tried to kill her as well as her mother . Ishaani refuses to believe devarsh could kill his own sister and his falguni kaaki .

Shikhar says devarsh was going to be his jeejaji , she he could not imagine marrying his sister to him , how could devarsh behave so normally , as if nothing happened ?? Devarsh was a dangerous man and he should not live amongst them any more . Ishaani wants to deal with devarsh herself as he was her brother, he owed explanationto his sister ishaani and if he had really killed her mother she would be the first one to punish devarsh .

In her room ritika is talking to her ba, how RV was the massiah sent God
She she met him at a perfect time .right when ishaani had ditched him and she had been ditched Sharman and chirag both . She tells her bahow she fooled RV and RV believed her like a fool , But all gadbad happened when ishaani returned from prison after being pardoned .

That falguni came to know that ishaani was pardoned. Falguni was about to inform RV about Ishaani , So she had to keep falguni away from RV so that he does not learn the truth about ishaani , So she had no choice but to kill her pushing her off the terrace , She gives a wicked laugh and apologizes to falguni for having to die as she was ishaani’s mother .
Ritika curses ishaani. Saying she was the rastey ka kaanta , she was the boulder in the path of her love story and she had to be removed too , Had it not been for ishaani RV would have married ritika now , So she tried to kill her too.
RV comes home and asks Amba where is Ritika, he has been calling her for so long. Amba asks him whom he cares, Ritika or someone else. He even left the breakfast. RV says he didn’t do anything wrong, if it was someone other than Ishaani he would have done the same. He asks about Ritika, Ritika comes saying she is here. He goes to Ritika asking what she did, she knew this can effect a life how can she do this, he knows well what she wanted to do. Ritika gets defencive, and says she told Parul. RV asks her not to get Parul in between, he knows where she went and why. Ritika wonders how he knows. Ritika stammers that what happened yesterday, and is sorry but she did it because… RV says because she cares for her, she went to meet Ishaani. Ritika is relieved. RV says if she can go, why can’t he. Ritika wipes her sweat. He asks if she is fine. RV says he doesn’t want to scold her but why she went there without driver in such a condition. Ritika says what she could do, she couldn’t remain at peace because of what happened last night. She has no enemity with Ishaani, she feels bad for Ishaani and wanted to meet her once, she is sorry. RV says it is ok, she must tell someone the next time. He will always care for her and her child. Ritika holds her ear and says I am sorry, I will never do it again. RV says she always thinks good, he wants to say to her today that I really like you. Ritika was hopeful for something else. RV tells Ritika that the relation of trust will always be there between them. He asks her to take rest when he gets a phone. He listens for a while and asks did Ishaani’s brother paid to kill Ishaani and Falguni. He leaves saying he won’t leave Dewarsh, Ritika clutches her hands.
Baa slaps Dewarsh hard, Dewarsh asks if she suspects him, she also thinks he will kill Ishaani. Baa says the killer took his name, why he did so. Chaitali asks Baa not to make a drama of it, Ritesh stops Chaitali. He asks Dewarsh to answer Baa, why he did so. Dewarsh says to Baa this is Dewarsh, her grandson and it is Ishaani whom she has always thought about as a step, today she suspects her grandson. He isn’t a murderer, RV calls he is a murderer and gets Dewarsh from collar. He can fool the world not Ranveer. Chaitali asks him to leave her son, but RV slaps Dewarsh. He says mota bapu brought about your family but you tried to kill his Ishaani. Ishaani comes there and calls at RV to leave Dewarsh.
Ishaani comes to Ranveer and asks him not to touch her brother. SHekhar also comes there, ishaani stands between Dewarsh and RV. RV says that this isn’t her brother but a murderer. She says she knows about it, it is a matter of her family and she doesn’t want an outsider interfere in it. She will punish him herself, he doesn’t have to. RV says he even killed Falguni maa. Ishaani says if he respects her mother and father a little bit, he must leave. RV feels disgusted at Ishaani and leaves after a confrontation with Shekhar. RV says to Shekhar that Ishaani gets emotional at times, she needs a practical man, he must take care of her. He looks behind at Ishaani and leaves.

PRECAP: RV gives Amba the divorce papers which have been signed him and Ishaani and have to be presented to court. He will do it now, and end all the problems between his marriage with Ritika.

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