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Samay agrees that he loves Maya and asks Maya to tell it is true. Maya says it is true. Vandana comes pulling Jahnvi’s wheelchair. Maya continues that it is true Samay showed her what love is and showed the power of love. Saanjh asks how can she betray Arjun. Arjun also comes. Maya changes her words and says Samay showed how to love Arjun truly. Samay also changes words and says Maya was helping him propose Saanjh. He says he truly loves Saanjh and Maya was just helping her get closer to Saanjh.

Maya continues her drama and says Arjun is her life and whenever Arjun gets into trouble, he runs to Saanjh and she does not like it. She threatens Saanjh to get out of Arjun’s life, when god tried to come between them, she threw god’s idol out. If Saanjh comes between her and Arjun, she will
face dire consequences. She then sees Arjun standing behind, runs and hugs him and cries shouting enough Saanjh, stop doubting her, she loves only Arjun, stop trying to separate her and Arjun. She cries that Samay loves Saanjh so much, but she is doubting him. Saanjh tries to speak to Arjun. Arjun says Maya loves only him and will not betray all, she should stop all her baseless allegations and walks with Maya. Saanjh as usual believes Maya and puppet dog Samay and asks Samay if it is true. Samay says truth can be understood and does not need explanation, she has made an image of truth herself and will not listen to him. He walks away. Saanjh feels guilty.

Maya continues her emotional drama in front of Arjun and cries why people force her to look bad, she loves only him, but people want to separate them. He says nobody can separate them and only if he does wrong, he will go away from her.

Samay returns to Saanjh’s house. Suman asks where did he and Saanjh go sending them out for ice cream. Saanjh also returns and walks in. She hugs Arjun and says Arjun is his first love and a life book which she already read, Samay is a life book which she wants to read and if he will give her a chance. She asks not to take Maya’s help. Samay says whoever helps, he will benefit. He hugs her and reminisces Maya’s words that love is sacrifice, etc. He says he realized love’s truth and nobody can separate him from his love, asks her to promise even if god comes and tells her, she will not doubt him. She promises. Maya smirks hugging Arjun.

Precap: Maya confesses in front of Jahnvi that she can do anything and killed Ashwin as he wanted to kill Arjun. Vandana hears her standing near door.

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