Tomorrow is a New Day Episode 59 Update on Monday 18th March 2019 – Telenovela GH

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Monica tells Ximena that she will need her help to reveal Mauricio’s accomplice and Ximena tells Monica that she remembers that Mauricio got a message on his cell phone from someone called Damián telling him that he already got the evidence he needs to bring down a guy. Monica then tells her that his accomplice is that Damian and the guy they want to bring him down is Rafael and Monica decides to come up with a plan to help Rafael to unmask Mauricio.

Regina looks for her biological grandmother Mercedes and there she asks her opinion about her decision to give her baup for adoption and tells her that nobody in her family understands her decision. 

Mercedes asks her why she wants to give the baup for adoption and Regina replies that she is scared and she thinks that the best for her bais to have a family but she cannot, Mercedes tells her that she does understand her and she confesses that she had a daughter and one day she gave her away in exchange for a bottle of alcohol and she has no idea how her daughter found her, but now she can die in peace because she realized that her daughter is fine and that makes her think that her decision to give her daughter up helped her a lot.

Margarita uses all kind of tricks to kidnap Regina giving her a lift in town and after bringing her to her (Margarita) house and locked her up, she tells her that she will do all the steps required for she, her baand her to leave the country because she can’t stand that she takes her child from her and Regina fears for her life since margarita acts like a crazy psychopath. 

Luis tells Camilo that Cristóbal has already chosen the rehabilitation center where he wants to go. 
Diana and Camilo are worried because they can’t find Regina anywhere. Same vein, When Margarita’s attention wanders for a moment tricking her to get her some water to drink, Regina manages to call her mother and fortunately Diana realizes that margarita has kidnapped her and she tells the family and everyone decide to help rescue her with the help of Pablo, Camilo, Manuel and Adrian.

Camilo tells Manuel that Margarita has kidnapped Regina and asks for his help to open the door of Margarita’s house. Manuel replies that now he understands why Margarita changed the lock, but they can get in through the back door, but they must be careful with the electric fencing

Ximena meets Mauricio at a hotel and there she gives Mauricio a sleeping pill putting it in his drink without his notice and he deeply falls asleep and she and Monica search through his cell phone for the evidences they need to prove that Rafael is innocent and that the one who defrauded media link is Mauricio, and they hug each other excited since they carried their plan out successfully.

In Manuel’s house, Pablo manages to get close to the door of the room where Regina is hiding from Margarita, and he tells her to calm down because he is already safe and right behind him was Margarita who threatens him with a gun to not try and both Pablo and Regina become afraid.

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